Project Statement

My work investigates the boundaries between art and science, representation and reproduction using traditional observational painting to juxtapose histories. In my practice I explore the paradoxical gesture of painting, a process concerned with preserving or capturing a moment in time, extinct or lost things that cannot be recreated. Specifically working with the subjects of fossils and artifacts, I am interested in how they become memories that have been misinterpreted or misremembered. Through these subjects the process of preservation is treated as a destructive act and a component of their annihilation. The compositions in my paintings are inspired by stories of the disappearance and reemergence of animals, ideas, and practices over time. Paint is deliberately wiped away or omitted to reveal a hidden history or new meaning to an object. The work recognizes that recalling and caring for what is gone does nothing for these defunct things, yet the artistic gesture is not empty. These documents of loss and grief are not for the benefit of the dead; they are for the living who carry the burden of their memory and wonder of what might have been.