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In this project, I use oil painting with original narrative musical compositions to connect histories of extinction to the legacy of collection and categorization in European art. The subjects of my work are remnant specimens of stories that have been plucked from their place in the world and represented on the canvas where their image may be reproduced but their physical forms and functions fade into the past.

The lonely figures situated in melancholic, ambiguous places are able to be visually studied but are unknowable. It is not until I am able to tell the story of the subject that a viewer might be able to better form an interpretation of the painting.Definition can be helpful but potentially a trap; having an answer can lead to the end of curiosity.

3 Peters, The Cave, 48x36 oil on canvas, 2021.jpeg
The Cave
5 Peters, Dodo, 48x36 oil on canvas, 2020.jpeg
Drop Cloth, 2021, oil on canvas 36" x 48"
Drop Cloth
Peters_04_01_Af Tzelokhes.jpeg
Af Tzelokhes
Peters, Xan _Cyclops_ 120x90cm oil on canvas.jpeg
Passenger Pigeon.jpeg
Peters, Xan _Reproductions_ 120x100cm oil on canvas.jpeg
6 Peters, Minotaur, 48x48 oil on canvas 2021.jpeg
2 Peters, This is Not a Chair, 12x16 oil on canvas, 2021.jpeg
ce n'est pas une chaise
4 Peters, Lagerstatte, 48x36 oil on canvas, 2021.jpeg
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